90 minutes

SuicideTALK invites all participants — regardless of prior training or experience — to become more aware of suicide prevention opportunities in their community.

Course content

Dealing openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focuses upon the question “Should we talk about suicide?”  By looking at this question in several different ways, session members can discover some of the beliefs and ideas about suicide in their communities — and in themselves.

suicideTALK participants learn

  • How suicide is a serious community health problem that is often misunderstood.
  • How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety.
  • What steps we can take to help prevent suicide.
  • How to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community.

Course structure

Participants will learn through:

  • Mini lectures
  • Group discussion
  • Activities

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Following the course

Participants will consider what suicide prevention activities they might want to implement within their community or workplace, to help challenge the stigma around suicide and help those in need consider where they can find support. 

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Testimonials & Feedback

I had no idea how common suicide and thoughts of suicide were. The training was delivered really sensitively with this in mind, and I’m looking forward to implementing some of the ideas we talked about to make this no longer a taboo subject.

SuicideTALK participant

Useful handouts and activities designed that made me think about what I can do at work to help raise awareness of suicide and where people can access help, thank you.

SuicideTALK participant

Helped de-bunk myths like talking about suicide can make people want to do it. I knew this already but having an external speaker come in to explain this to my colleagues who weren’t sure will really help them and hopefully we will now talk about it more.

SuicideTALK participant

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