World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September 2023

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This page provides a variety of ideas you can use to raise awareness of World Suicide Prevention Day within your place of work, education, or as an individual.

You’ll find suggestions for things you can do, downloadable resources, and links to other sources of support.

We have split the ideas into levels of difficulty and, depending on how long you have left until the 10th of September, we would recommend you consider what is realistic within your timeframe. Doing something simple is better than doing nothing at all!

Quick and easy

  • Download our poster with details of national helplines within the UK
  • Download our poster with myth-busters about suicide to help reduce the stigma around suicide
  • Download our video of facts about suicide which can be uploaded onto your staff intranet or run on a loop in your reception area
  • Contact us to arrange a short talk or webinar about suicide prevention
  • Start a conversation with others about mental wellbeing and suicide prevention
  • Send an email to staff the morning of World Suicide Prevention Day, informing them of the day and who they can speak to within the organisation if they need support
  • Change your email signature to reflect the upcoming day

Require some more thought

  • Organise suicide prevention training for your members of staff
  • Launch a suicide prevention initiative with a steering group and planned events for the year
  • Host a World Suicide Prevention day event at work incorporating several ideas
  • Organise a minutes silence to acknowledge the day and all those who have been affected by suicide
  • Organise and implement acts of wellbeing for staff e.g. a yoga class, meditation, head massage

Links to resources

Other sources of support

Visit our Help & advice page for links to other sources of support.

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