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An Introduction to Wellbeing

60 minutes

This session is designed to provide a basic awareness of mental health and wellbeing and to learn and practice practical strategies to benefit your wellbeing

Session content

  • What is mental health?
  • What does good mental health mean?
  • Why is it important to take care of our mental health?
  • Practising practical positive wellbeing strategies

Session structure

Participants will learn through:

  • Mini lectures
  • Group activities
  • facilitated individual practice

Following the session

Participants will have a solid, basic understanding of the difference between poor mental health and good mental health, and what they can do to look after it, having actively practised some positive wellbeing strategies!

Further information, pricing & availability

Please contact us to discuss how our training can best help you and to find out more about this and other courses.

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Testimonials & feedback

Thanks for the ideas regarding what I can do to look after my mental wellbeing, I’m going to start practising gratitude straight away.

An Introduction to Wellbeing Participant

The Five Ways to Wellbeing were really interesting to learn about.

An Introduction to Wellbeing Participant

A fantastic start to the day. i don’t often find the time to do positive things for my wellbeing, but Alice’s support and encouragement to try out something new helped me see the benefits right away!

An Introduction to Wellbeing Participant

Help and Advice

Looking for more tips and tools for your wellbeing? Mind have some great resources!

Associated courses

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Mental Health in the Workplace

4 hours

Examines what it means to have good or poor mental health and how it factors in the workplace. You will gain an increased alertness and confidence in supporting colleagues.

An Introduction to Suicide Prevention

90 minutes

An informative myth-busting session providing top tips about how to respond to an individual with thoughts of suicide and where to signpost them for support.

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