Self-Harm Alert

3.5 hours

This course builds skills for those who already have a basic level of understanding around self-harm.

Course content

  • Develop an understanding of self-harming behaviours
  • Consider the depth behind self-harming behaviours and understand the thought process
  • Increase awareness of societal attitudes and consider their impact on young people who harm themselves
  • Discuss and practice conversations and strategies to support young people who self-harm
  • Reflect on your practice as a professional and what impact, supporting those who self-harm can have for you.
  • The importance of self-care

Course structure

Participants will learn through:

  • Mini lectures
  • Group discussion
  • Activities
  • Case study
  • Simulation

Following the course

Participants will have:

  • A thorough understanding of self-harm and the different underlying meanings it can have for each individual
  • A greater realisation of what can contribute to self harm
  • What to look out for
  • How to sensitively respond and react
  • The support that can be provided.

Participants will also come away having examined their own behaviours, contributing again to the deep, complicated nature of self-harm, and consider how they can use this understanding to better the support they offer others.

Further information, pricing & availability

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Testimonials & feedback

Really insightful, and different to other workshops I’ve been to about self-harm that just usually talk about self-harm as a coping strategy. I feel like I’ve got lot’s of additional tools to help me help the young people we support.

Self Harm Alert participant

Feel more confident and aware of what self-harm can mean for someone and the importance of understanding this before suggesting alternatives.

Self Harm Alert participant

3 hours well spent. Alice was clear, concise and thorough in a sensitive way. I would like to attend the ASIST workshop now after understanding why we should also ask about suicide.

Self Harm Alert participant

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