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2 days

LivingWorks safeTALK is a four-hour face-to-face workshop featuring powerful presentations, audiovisuals, and skills practice.

At a two-day safeTALK T4T, participants learn how to become a safeTALK Trainer and deliver safeTALK.

Course content

Partcipants attend for two full days. The first half-day invites participants to experience the safeTALK workshop. This provides a shared experience that helps frame the rest of the learning.

The remaining afternoon and Day 2 focuses on the skills necessary to lead the workshop. Participants will receive a safeTALK Trainer Manual and their own copy of the audiovisuals used. Participants will spend time practicising presenting the content, growing in confidence, and improving in delivery.

Participants will also be able to establish links with other trainers, who may become part of a support network.

At the T4T, participants can expect a balance of challenge, support, and opportunities for participation. 

Following the course

Participants will be a recognised safeTALK Trainer.

SafeTALK trainers are given provisional status until they have passed registered status criteria.

Further information about safeTALK and the T4T can be found on the official site below. In particular, you might want to download their safeTALK T4T information sheet.

Official site


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