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4 hours

Most individuals thinking about suicide don’t actually want to die. Many are simply looking for a way to end the pain they are experiencing, so they can live.

Through words and actions, individuals with thoughts of suicide invite others to help them with making a choice for life.

SafeTALK teaches participants how to recognise these invitations, effectively respond to them, explore thoughts of suicide and connect them with resources who can help them be safer from suicide.

LivingWorks safeTALK is a face-to-face workshop featuring powerful presentations, audiovisuals, and skills practice enabling participants to become suicide alert.

Course content

At a safeTALK workshop, participants learn how to prevent suicide by

  • recognising signs of concern
  • engaging someone
  • asking about suicide
  • connecting the individual to an intervention resource for further support.

Participants will understand the common reasons behind why signs of suicide are often missed, dismissed or avoided, in turn boosting confidence and willingness to explore thoughts of suicide when concerned.

A skilled, supportive trainer will guide you through the course and a community resource will be on hand to support your safety and comfort.

Following the course

Participants will be a recognised “safe-talker”.

Peer-reviewed reports and Government studies on safeTALK found:

  • Improves trainee skills and readiness
  • Safe for trainees, with no adverse effects from training
  • Effective for participants as young as 15 years old
  • Helps break down suicide stigma in the community
  • Better skill retention compared to other connector programs

Participants receive a certificate of attendance and a quick reference guide to use the “TALK” steps taught, provided they have been present in all 4 hours of the course.

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