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Recognising and Responding to Mental Ill Health

3.5 hours: Online or Face to Face

This mental health course provides participants with a thorough understanding of what mental health is, what concerns to look out for in others and what responding to mental ill health can look like.

Course content

  • How do we define good mental health and poor mental health?
  • Why is it important to take care of our mental health?
  • How do we look after our mental health?
  • An exploration of mental health concerns/conditions including stress, depression and anxiety
  • The fundamental considerations of suicide
  • What support is available?

Course structure

Participants will learn through:

  • Mini lectures
  • Group discussion
  • Activities
  • Case study
  • Simulation

Following the course

Participants will leave the course with a greater understanding of mental health, mental ill health, what it means to have good or poor mental health and good communication skills in response to supporting others with their mental health. Participants will also have an opportunity to learn strategies to support their own wellbeing and learn about the support that can be accessed.

Further information, pricing & availability

Please contact us to discuss how our training can best help you and to find out more about this and other courses.

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Testimonials & feedback

Really enjoyed the post-it note activity really made you think and see connections to do with the illness.

Recognising and Responding to Mental Ill Health participant

Thought provoking, interactive training. I have never done training via zoom before but it was really well executed and useful.

Recognising and Responding to Mental Ill Health: online participant

Very engaging and confident. Alice really helped me understand what [mental health] actually is and what the signs are.

Recognising and Responding to Mental Ill Health participant

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